What exactly is “Contemporary” or “Modern” Self-Defense?

What exactly is “Modern” Self-Defense?

Or to put it another way, how does modern self-defense differ from traditional martial arts?

Self-defense is something we all assume is quite simple and also something quite simple to learn how to do. Traditional Martial arts has filled a large hole in the market when it comes to learning how to stop someone from hitting you, but it’s only a small part of a larger picture.

Because, in reality, it often fails.

How can that be so? How can training in Traditional Martial Arts not teach you what you need to defend yourself?

In this blog, we often quote self-defense expert Marc MacYoung and the reason for this is that he know’s exactly what he is talking about. He describes the situation with traditional martial arts like so, in an article here

“Bottomline, you are putting yourself into jeopardy by allowing a martial art instructor to not only tell you what self-defense is but to teach you whatever he is selling as self-defense. This not just from a physical threat (what you’re learning not working if you’re attacked), but it’s very much endangering you on both a criminal and civil front when that training does work.”

The Martial Arts Myth

So why is it so different from modern or contemporary self-defense?

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