Groundwork. The Do’s and Dont’s of Self-Defense

Groundwork. The do’s and dont’s of self-defense

With the rise of mixed martial arts and the UFC , fighting on the floor has come to recent prominence. It’s always been there, but in the early days of mixed martial arts fighting, the Gracie family specifically showed how effective Ju-Jitsu groundwork can be.

Ju-jitsu, Judo and wrestling are arts that have advanced levels of skills designed to work on the floor. In a self-defense situation, this can be an essential skill as a high percentage of fights go to the ground. If that happens you want to have enough skill to have the advantage and not be floundering around on a concrete floor whilst being choked out or punched senseless.

Why learn to fight on the ground?

Sometimes if you are in a dominant position from a striking point of view, the common thing the other person would do is grab hold of you. With no grappling skill and no ground fighting skills, if you are dragged to the ground, you are at the same level as they are. Training to dominate the initial grappling and then the takedown is essential. This can also help you deal with a ferocious stand-up fighter if they are gaining the initiative as, to quote self-defence expert, Geoff Thompson

“…often the most frightening of opponents
in vertical fighting is an absolute mouse on the floor because he
has no experience of that range.”

Geoff Thompson

Is it safe to fight on the ground?

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