I have over 30 years experience in martial arts and trained in Northern Style Kung Fu. Even though many of us fought in full contact tournaments there was always a constant debate as to what really works in a violent confrontation beyond the Dojo.

When I later qualified as an instructor at the Combat Academy UK, I studied a more complete view of modern self-defense. One that was very different to the myth of “lethal” martial arts.

In Contemporary Self Defense I look at modern “Self-Defense” and discuss what that really is. I also debate what can work, what should work and what very often doesn’t work when dealing with a violent confrontation in the 21st Century.

Let’s see if we can find some answers.


Obviously this is a blog about defending yourself, but let’s be sensible. It’s not a signal for you to take on board one of the discussions here and use it to knock seven bells of crap out of someone. It’s a discussion blog based on my own experience and views. Use it as such. Not a blueprint to kick the crap out of someone.


Part of the blog is me recommending books or products that I think maybe of use and relevant to the blog theme. If it turns out that you buy one of them, then great, I get a little commission and I don’t recommend any old rubbish! I must point out though, that I can’t take responsibility if you don’t like them and leave that to your discretion. Thanks.